Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Movies: Rocket Science

. Great movie. Go see it!
Great acting, uncomplicated, good laughs - sort of like Little Miss Sunshine meets American Beauty. Reece Daniel Thompson (Hal Hefner) was awesome and reminds me of a young Ed Norton - I'm sure we'll be seeing more of him!

"If you can remember at least half of what happened during your high school years, you'll appreciate this film. For those of you who are all too familiar with the bitter-sweet experience of adolescence and teen-angst, Hefner is someone that you can not only relate to, but will also be rooting for as he stumbles through a maze of discovery."
- Hillsy

I don't recommend reading too much about the film before seeing it. Most of the reviews I've read basically give away the entire movie. So if you can help it, don't even go to the site.

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