Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Last Night's Dinner #5: In the UK eating Indian

(sorry for the bad pic - it was very dark in the restaurant).

Last night we ate at the local Indian restaurant - Angel Spice. New York City is hard to beat when it comes to food but I think the UK has got us beat when it comes to Indian. There's just something about the flavor, The spices seem to be more pronounced and the overall flavor is more intense. We ordered a good bit of food. For starters we had meat samosas and onion bhajees. For main, we had chicken tikka masala which was red and not orange like how I've had it. We also had chicken korma which was sweet and coconuty. The chicken madras packed a good amount of heat and the chicken byriani was served as 2 dishes - the basmati rice with chicken chunks and the curry w/ veggies in a separate bowl. Unfortunately, we were all "full-up" and had to pass up "pudding" (dessert).

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