Monday, August 20, 2007

Last Night's Dinner #14: @ Zum Schneider

& Kaiserchmarrn
Zum Schneider, Avenue C at 7th Street
Rating: 5 stars (our second home)

Zum Schneider celebrated their 7th anniversary yesterday. The english muffin wanted me to try the famous pork shank, but unfortunately it wasn't on the "anniversary" menu. So instead, we opted to share the Spanferkel (roasted suckling pig with red and white krautsalad and potato dumpling in a dark beer gravy) and Kaiserchmarrn (homemade shredded German pancake with apple sauce) for dessert. It was busier than a normal - a pig was on a spit on the sidewalk, a band was setting up and the staff was decked out in traditional German garb.

The food was delicious - the pork, tender and tasty. The potato dumpling resembled a giant gnocchi in both look and taste. The Kaiserchmarrn was a surprise hit, it wasn't fluffy like American diner pancakes, yet it was buttery and light. Served with apple sauce, fresh grapes and topped with confectionery sugar - Yum! I'll have to find a recipe to try this out myself.

By the way, this place has the best German beers on tap and they serve radler!


Anonymous said...

Looks good, but i think tooping with sugar would have been too much sugar intake for me in the evening. I would prefer some more of spicy taste than sweets.

brett said...

Even if they didn't have the pork shank, you've got a tasty morsel of meat in that last picture. And I thought "suckling" was just a colorful way of describing his jokes.

Marichelle said...

the alternative was definitely tasty - crunchy skin and all =)