Friday, August 24, 2007

Is 35 the new 30?

I usually don't harp on getting older. In fact, I was quite excited to turn the big three O and could say the same about hitting 40. But since my 31st birthday is fast approaching, the wheels in my mind have begun to crank. Sad to admit, but I was once a life-planner. I wanted to be happily married by 27, baby by 30, summer cottage in the Cape by 35...

I got married at 25 to my college sweetheart but sadly got divorced four years later. So now I find myself out of sync with the rest of my social circle. Almost everyone's got at least 2 kids and conversations about breast pumps and time-out rugs are as common as gossiping about John Mayer's latest fling. Someday I would love to see little me's running around but I'm just not quite ready yet. Karen mentioned that 35 is the new 30 over dinner and I hope she's right and by the time I hit 35, I hope it changes to 40 is the new 35. My mother had me past 40 and the generation gap (plus the cultural gap) is not something that I want to voluntarily replicate. I don't necessarily want to be best friends with my kids but a nice healthy dose of "in the know" would be nice once in a while!

But then again, maybe this isn't a matter of age and numbers but simply a state of mind. Aren't we all still perusing Forever 21, after all?

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mj said...

Marichelle, you look great in your 30's!! That means, you're keeping up with our genes!! LOL!! Gerald and I are in our 30's and 40's but look at us we still look pretty much the same except for MINOR imperfections here and there! But still love dating and going out. This past weekend we saw Bourne and had some late night latte and the bookstore cafe while the kids stay with grandma!! A lil' bit on the conservative side but still enjoying life!!

Marichelle said...

"dating" is definitely key in a relationship. Spending quality time with your husband or a live-in boyfriend is a MUST. Sometimes we forget that being in the same room doesn't necessarily mean that you're spending quality time together...hmmm sounds like a good post idea!

Tom said...

MJ - 30's and 40's? are you guys using those fake id's again?

By the way you can take a real age test courtesy of HAPRO.

Last weekend, this girl at my studio wanted to go dancing with me. Apparently she is 21. I took this test and i guess I'm about to turn 20. Nothing like going out with an older woman.


Marichelle said...

great link Tom - my "real" age is 27.5