Friday, July 27, 2007

How to pack a suitcase

one last one for the road...

I've been trying to perfect my packing skills for the past 5 years. I've become very obsessed with packing. My editing skills when deciding what makes it in the case or not would put Anna Wintour on liquid meth to shame.

There's nothing I hate more than packing clothes, shoes, and toiletries that I don't end up using on a trip. Deep inside, I revel in the 3oz liquid maximum and quart size ziplock rule. I think this obsession is also fueled by other factors: a fear of losing luggage, or the annoyance of having to wait for a suitcase on the conveyor belt (mine never comes out first) and ending up at the very end of the three-mile-long taxi line at JFK after traveling 6 hours with my knees stuck in my ovaries. I'm 5'3 so that's obviously an exaggeration.

Here are some packing pointers. Follow each rule and never worry about having to check-in luggage again!

  1. Roll everything
  2. Save underwear for last. You can use them to fill-in holes and gaps.
  3. Have a plan. Know exactly what you'll be wearing for the week. Only pack complete outfits. I'll be there for 8 days so I've planned 7 outfits (I wear the same outfit that I arrived in back). It's essential to try on every single outfit before-hand so you know that you're 100% happy with the way it looks & feel
  4. How do I plan the outfits? I start with the base element like my favorite pair of jeans, a dress and a skirt. All 7 outfits revolve around these 3 pieces and they each have multiple pairings. So the idea is not to have 7 bottoms and 7 tops. You need to pick pieces that can work with each other. I also allow myself to bring 2 cardigans just in case the weather cools down. I also pick pieces that are made out of light fabric so I can handwash if necessary.

  5. I'm also bringing one workout outfit. Fortunately for me, my feet don't stink. So I'm able to fit both the socks and the tanktop inside my sneakers. I plan to handwash after each use.
  6. I'm not bringing extra shoes, all my outfits work with the shoes that I'll be wearing on the plane.
  7. Toiletries are all in very small pots and tubes. Liquids in a quart size ziploc and the rest are randomly placed in my case, filling in gaps like the underwear.
I'll let you know how I did when I get back! Pack less and have room for rare finds!

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