Friday, June 25, 2010

How To: Hanging Twig Mobile

Emma's mobile

Here's my latest project for Emma's room - a hanging twig mobile! I haven't quite figured out its final destination (over the crib, the mirror... nursing station...) but it's finally done!

mobile details

You'll need:
One or two dried-out branches
White paint - I used craft acrylic paint
Paint brush
Glue gun or other strong fast adhesive glue
Various trims
Clear nylon wire/fishing wire
Ceiling hooks

how to: hanging mobile

1. Gather branches & paint
2. Glue Gun branches in desired position (if using more than one)
3. Tie branches with twine for added security
4. Paint twine white or leave natural

Note: If you're using only one branch, the balance thing won't be as much of an issue.

It might be a good idea to attach the fishing wire to the mobile at this point so you can get a feel for the way it will fall/hang - which will determine where you will be attaching the decorative elements. Securely tie/knot fishing/clear nylon wire at both ends of your mobile (I attached mine to the two ends where the two branches meet). Figure out how high or low you want the mobile to fall from the ceiling and cut your wire accordingly.

Gather trims and temporary attach them to the base (branch). This is the fun part, there’s no right and wrong, just put them wherever you think looks good! Most trims (vintage leaves and foliage) have paper covered wire stems which will allow you to wrap them into place. You’ll eventually glue gun them in place, but I would wait until the mobile is permanently suspended in its final position. Why? You may need to adjust the position of your trims depending on the way the mobile will naturally balance itself out - so save yourself the aggravation/time and wait to permanently attach the details. You’ll need a step-stool or a ladder and potentially an extension cord for the glue gun if you’re hanging it high up.

Attaching to ceiling: You’ll need to screw in tiny ceiling hooks to the ceiling, so you can attach the other ends of the wire.

Great resources for trims: Papier Valise, Bl├╝mchen, if you're lucky enough to be near Parcel (it's a perfect place to find most of the ones I used!)


Anonymous said...

this is so beautiful, for any age! simple and chic - thanks for sharing :)

Ez said...

This is so beautiful Marichelle! I love it to pieces! Can't wait to see where you will hang it in Emma's room. xo

Love Daniella said...

So gorgeous! I want one for my room too. :)

Still waiting to see the mirror you did for Emma!

Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife said...

I LOVE love LOVE this! I want to make one for my room! = )

Great job!

Bridget said...

i LOVE this. must do it for my sister's baby.

Melissa de la Fuente said...

This is so beautiful hun! I love it! were creative & amazing before pregnancy but, now Emma has brought out even MORE magic in you...I love it all darlin!

Clementine said...

Oh, Marichelle, that is just gorgeous!! I love it, what a perfect expression of your creativity for Emma's room. :)

Marichelle said...

Thanks ladies!! I'm so glad you like it, I think I want one over my bed :)

jennifer said...

love this marichelle. you are so crafty!