Monday, December 15, 2008

The Aftershock

So here's the story that I owe you...

We were sitting around chatting with a nice group of ladies at the sample sale last week and one of them asked where we were from. Turns out someone at the sale has a sister who also lives in our town... cool I thought. So she calls over the girl (Lizzie) and she begins describing her sister and her brother in law "... they run a bar in the city..." ... at this point cool turned to no freakin way!! Turns out, I've met her sister before and we almost became neighbors. When we were down to two houses, we rang her sister's bell and she kindly sat down and answered all of our questions about the neighborhood, the street etc. I've been meaning to send her an email to say thank you but of course I lost her business card during the move! How crazy is that??? How freakishly random?? What are the chances??

Anyway, we continue talking and we realize that we also have something else in common... we both just recently made the transition from uber-urban lifestyles to a more... well, I haven't quiet found a label for THIS yet. Lizzie convinced me that it would be a really good idea to talk about the transition. Share the challenges and frustrations I've been facing since I've moved from the East Village to the burbs (coz believe me, they exist). I realized that I've only been sharing the candy coated version of our move (though I wouldn't exactly consider removing 600 feet of wallpaper sweet), but you know what I mean. And since LIFEFLIX is supposed to be about my life... I've decided to change that immediately.

to be continued...

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