Thursday, July 10, 2008

Leftovers & Conveyor Sushi

Nothing too exciting for dinner I'm afraid...

I just had some leftover meat sauce from last week (froze it) and had it with one of my favorite store-bought pastas - Trader Joe's Pappardelle.

One new thing is my obsession with the Whole Foods (Bowery) cafeteria. I love the conveyor belt delivered sushi (I think it's called Sushiya) thing they've got going up there. Such a great concept, the ultimate self-serve idea. The sushi is served on colored plates, each one representing a different price -ranging from 2.75 to 4+. You grab what you want as it comes down the belt, stack up your plates and at the end you get a ticket. OK so the sushi isn't exactly NOBU quality, but personally I can't complain. The rice is seasoned well, I haven't gotten sick, it hits the spot everytime and I always walk away happy... what more can I ask for?

Warning: You can easily stuff yourself AND rack up your bill :) in a DIM SUM kind of way.

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Mj & Gerald said...

kinda' like dimsung style, huh!! love that concept....miss those dimsung with you and mom in Queens!!---MJ