Thursday, September 6, 2007

The New York Public Library - My new love

I'm not really sure what took me so long to get a NYC library card. I always took advantage of the library back in Forest Hills, but I completely didn't even think about it once I moved to the city. I didn't even know that there was one 2 blocks away until last week when I overheard a mother telling her son that they had to run a couple more errands after the library. So I asked her where the library was and she said right there across the park. I must've been living under a rock for the past 3 years living in this neighborhood.

So I made a trip over yesterday and applied for a card. It was surprisingly painless. I just had to show my driver's license and a utility bill and off I went. I remember back in the day it was a little more trickier than that. You actually had to wait to get a little postcard in the mail to prove that you really lived in that address, hand that in and then and only then would you get the plastic go card.

2 cooking books - I love to hate Giada deLaurentis and I'm currently obsessed with Mr. Ramsay these days. I just love his TV shows, Hillsy and I love his expressions "Ahhwww for fuck sakes"... is our favorite one! 2 drawing books - I can't draw to save my life so I thought I'd read up on doodling. I also borrowed an embroidery and a making mobiles book; two projects that have been swimming in my head lately. Lastly, The Christmas Spider - for no special reason other than the fact that the pictures inside were so colorful and inspirational!

Then I discovered the ultimate thing this morning, I can simply log on to my account and create a list for myself. I've already requested two books and I'll get a notification when they arrive at my branch. How cool is that? (I know I know, remember the rock?!)


Karen said...

Gordon Ramsey is the best...i LOVE Hell's Kitchen...and when he says "oh no..." it's so funny. i actually have never really seen him cook though...just love him on that show.

MJ said...

Nathan recently opened his Lindale Library card too! We borrowed a collection of dinosaur books, Level 1 Reading skills books, Monsters Book and some hardcovered books for Anastasia. They always have a reading session every 10am every Fridays and craft activities as well. Thanks for your blog, you just reminded me to return those books soon! You're right about the library!! TONS of free resources at your fingertips!!--MJ