Thursday, September 6, 2007

Crafting: Morning Fix

Zandra (my crafter in crime) sent me an email last night titled "Good Craft Find...", she apparently ordered some supplies from Save on Crafts and thought I should have a look around. The gesture seemed innocent enough...

Well Z, not sure if you read the "I have CADD" post but your little innocent act of sharing was like wrapping a rubber band around a crack fiend's arm, smacking the crap out of their veins and then injecting a lethal dose --- thanks, thanks a lot (Amex thanks you too!)

I spent 30 minutes this morning oooing and aaahing at everything from wires to miniature flowers. But I was good and controlled myself, well sort of...

I'm not sure when I'll ever need 45 yards of ribbon or 8oz of biodegradable natural packing filler material but I just had to have it. I also bought the book that I'll be needing for the Making Plush Toys class that Zandra and I signed up for. Can't wait for that one! We discovered that the City Quilter shop offers classes at reasonable prices.

If you live in the area and you've always wanted to make a goofy doll - it's only $45 (4hr) + cost of supplies and book. Give them a call. They also have sewing and a bunch of other classes if wacky doll-making isn't for you.

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