Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Fashion Faux Pas

I was reading Real Simple's "What was your most embarrassing fashion moment?" article and it reminded me of my first (of many) fashion faux pas.

Remember the hip-slung belt look, made famous by Madonna in the 8Os? Well, my cousin Jessife was a die-hard fan and rocked the rubber bangles, lace gloves, the belt and even went as far as drawing in the fake Madonna-mole above her lip to complete the look. Jessife was probably in highschool and I was a wide-eyed 6 year old. I used to think she was the coolest and tried to copy everything she did.

So, I too wanted to rock the hip-slung belt look but didn't quite have a metal studded leather belt - and had to make do with what I had. My favorite belt was this bright blue Smurf-pattern stretchy elastic belt.

Yes, I rocked the low hip-slung belt look with a stretchy elastic bright blue Smurf belt. The belt was adjustable, so I made it as wide as possible to get the "look" - I wish I had a picture!

What was your most embarrassing fashion moment?


Karen said...

I have oh so of them being size 36 jeans matched with an XL plaid button down and doc martens...oh, can't forget the blood red lipstick matted down with baby powder :-)

Hillsy said...

I once wore a waistcoat to a night club which made me look like a cross between Roy from Siegfried and Roy (pre big-cat mauling) and the character from the box of Nestle's Lucky Charms (they're magically delicious).

Obviously the women couldn't stay away, but that was only because I mistakenly stumbled into "Retard-dome 1993" - the biggest disco extravaganza for the educationally challenged in the south-east of England.

Jade said...

my most embarrassing moment: probably getting into the whole *sparkles* fad that took over my high school years. by sophomore year i had a BOOK BAG of opaaaaque green sparkles (from antique boutique) and was sporting the MANIC PANIC purple sparkle gel for the eyes. and then on top of that there was the green sparkle nail polish, and then the sparkle shirt. :-p

Marichelle said...

glad to see I'm not alone =)
I failed to mention the fanned out bangs that stood 5" tall (thanks to paul mitchell hairspray). How could I have possibly thought that was cool?

brett said...

How about sky blue tapered pants with matching Chuck Taylors? Was a regular outfit, during no less than senior year of high school. Too cool for school!